At Noa Personalized Jewelry it is our desire to give you a confident and satisfactory shopping experience.

Our supportive staff work round the clock to ensure that all your custom crafted necklaces are delivered to your destination in time.

Once your order has been submitted, we immediately begin the process of production of your personalized items. If you would like to cancel your purchase, there is a non-refundable fee of 40% of the total amount of the item. Every detail of your order is recorded and worked on to meet your precise preferences. Upon confirmation of details and completion of payment transactions, every piece of jewelry is designed to meet your requirements. If you have questions regarding the look and details of your item, PLEASE address those details or concerns BEFORE you place your order or immediately after the order is placed.

Since all handcrafted and personalized necklaces are uniquely designed to an individual's specifications, these pieces cannot be sold to other clients if returned. Therefore, it is imperative that you ensure that all details contained in your order are correct before being scheduled for shipping. Make sure that the spellings for names that need to be engraved are correct as well as the color, dimensions and any other details regarding your order.

However, if it sustains any damage during delivery, you can make a return or have it exchanged with another one. This also applies to all mistaken shipments. If you have any issues with your order, make sure to contact us asap so we can move swiftly to correct the problem. If a resolution is not achieved, a full refund will be given back except for shipping and handling expenses.

You can return new jewelry sold by within 40 days of delivery if you are not happy with the item that you receive. Please note that there will be a 40% non-refundable fee on all items. (See also FAQ).